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Original file system [M3S-TFS-Tiny]


Original file system

Target Devices

RX600 Series
RX200 Series*
R8C Family
M16C Family M16C/Tiny Series
H8 Family H8/300H Tiny Series

*. Scheduled to be supported

Renesas provides evaluation versions of each MCUs free-of-charge. Please download the appropriate file here.


M3S-TFS-Tiny (hereafter abbreviated TFS) is an original file system which just requires small memory.

We have the various lineup of MCUs, including R8C Family, which are suitable for use in applications such as single-function home appliances and compact industrial equipment, where the incorporation of more sophisticated functionality or the newest technology, with a negligible increase in cost, is desired. To support such development activities, Renesas offers software libraries with only the essential features for application, at low cost.

Use TFS in any device incorporating a target microcontroller for functions such as accumulating measured or archived data, or rewriting a stored program via memory card. Although TFS is an original file system optimized for the target microcontrollers, its wrapping function for FAT file system compatibility and PC data exchange capability enable analysis and management of data by a PC application. Of course, these and other functions can be built in compactly and at low cost.


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