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MINICUBE2[QB-MINI2] (Discontinued product)


We have ended sales of the MINICUBE2.
The successor product, the E1, is now available. Please click here to view the list of MCUs the E1 supports.


Target Devices


MINICUBE2 is a multi-function emulator (on-chip debugging + flash programming) which is small (48x48 mm2), light-weight, low priced. This single unit covers it all from debugging to mass production.

This product supports serial connection, JTAG connection is not supported. For details refer to the documents of the MCU you use.

Product package contents:

  • Emulator main unit
  • USB cable
  • Target cable (for 16-pin and 10-pin)
  • 78K0-OCD board
  • Setup manual

* Software is not included. Purchase it separately.
Integrated Development Environment CS+ can be downloaded from HERE.

Supported software

To use MINICUBE2 download the following software.

Operating Environment

Function overview

Supported functions vary depending on the target MCU. For details refer to the MINICUBE2 user's manual.

Item Description
V850E1, V850ES 78K0R 78K0 78K0S
Connection UART or CSI-H/S Serial
(X1, X2, INTP)
Software break Available
Hardware break Available (Execution address or data access) Not available
Memory reference/modify during RUN Available (Execution address or data access) Not available
Realtime trace Not available
Time measurement between Go/Stop Available
Performance measurement Not available
On-board programming Available
Hot plug-in Not available
Power supply Available (3V or 5V)


Wireless option for MINICUBE2 [QB-MINI2-RF] (Discontinued product)

This is an optional product for MINICUBE2, an on-chip debugging emulator.

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Programming software :
Renesas Flash Programmer

Click here for the name list of parameter files by MCUs.

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