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We have been providing customers with quality ASIC solutions for more than 20 years.
Because our customers have a wide range of needs, we're committed to providing continued support for a complete range of options.

ASIC Product Lineup

We meet a wide range of customer needs with cell-based IC solution.
As a series realized higher functionality system LSI,new products will be added to the lineup.

ASIC Product Lineup CA5 CA5-HV CB-55 CB-40LRDCB-12 CB-90LM CB-90MR CB-40LRD

EDA Supporting State-of-the-Art ASIC Design

EDA Supporting State-of-the-Art ASIC Design

Today's designers not only face increased design sophistication in the form of process miniaturization and SoC, but also have to deal with demands for fast time-to-market.
We help reduce the designer's workload by providing an environment where advanced-function, high-performance system LSIs can be designed more quickly.
One of our strengths is that we can create environments that perfectly integrate our extensive process development, device development and design technology development know-how.
Our established design environment OPENCAD, for example, combines our EDA know-how with integrated commercial EDA tools to enable precision design.
We have a wealth of experience and proven results which allow designers to execute the de-sign optimization required to overcome the physical problems (signal integrity,etc.) that have emerged in the current era of deep sub-micron (DSM) design.


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