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H8/3857 Group


Product Overview:

  • 3.0 - 5.5V operation ( H8/3256 & H8/3257 support 3V)
  • 40 - 60kBytes ROM or 60kBytes single supply Flash
  • 2 kBytes SRAM
  • 1 x 16-bit timer
  • 3 x 8-bit timer
  • Watchdog timer (Flash part only)
  • 1 x USART
  • 1 x SIO
  • 8 channels 8-bit A/D
  • On-chip Dot Matrix LCD Driver / controller
  • 44 I/O pins
  • 13 external interrupts
  • 144 pins QFP, TQFP and Die

Key Applications:

The H8/3857F series are ideal for many different applications where the requirements for low power and lost cost are combined with the need for a small graphical LCD display. These applications include:

  • Data terminals
  • Diagnostic instruments
  • Divers Watches
  • Fish finders
  • Instrumentation
  • Pagers
  • Smart Card readers

Marketing Info

The H8/3857 series are designed to provide a solution to applications which require an on-chip Dot Matrix LCD driver / controller. The H8/3857 provides up to 32 common lines and 64 segment lines, with a maximum display size of 1280 pixels. The H8/3857F offers a single chip solution to many display applications as it also has an on-board LCD power supply circuit (2x, 3 x) and built in digital contrast control. The availability of the H8/3857F in a single supply Flash version, with all the benefits of reprogrammability and in-circuit programming makes this device ideal for lower volume applications, and applications where the characters and information to be displayed require customisation. The availability of mask versions also means that a cost effective high volume solution is also possible.
A cost reduced version, the H8/3854F is also available for applications where cost if the ovewhealming consideration. Again this is available in both on-chip Flash and mask versions.

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