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H8/3827R, 3827S, 38327, 38427


Product Overview:

The H8/3827S Group, H8/38327 Group, and H8/38427 Group are highp erformance single-chip microcomputers that integrate peripheral functionsnecessary for system configuration with an H8/300L CPU core.
The on-chip peripheral functions include ROM, RAM, six timers, 14-bit PWM, 2channels of serial communication interface (SCI), an A/D converter, LCDcontroller/driver, and I/O ports, providing an ideal configuration as amicrocomputer for embedding in sophisticated control systems. PROM
(ZTAT.*1), flash memory (F-ZTAT.*2), and mask ROM are available as on-chip ROM,enabling users to respond quickly and flexibly to changing applicationspecifications and the demands of the transition from initial to full-fledgedvolume production.

Support for the H8/3827R is limited to customers who have already adopted these products. If adopting new products, please consider other ranges such as the H8/38327 or RL78/L13.

1. ZTAT is a trademark of Renesas Electronics Corporation
2. F-ZTAT is a trademark of Renesas Electronics Corporation

Key Features:

  • On-chip LCD controller/ driver(128seg)
  • Maximum 60KROM
  • Low power consumption and low voltage operation
  • On-chip fast start up circuit
  • Two channels of Serial communication interface

Key Applications:

General battery powered devices (smoke detector, meteringapplications) 

Product Lineup:


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