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Product Overview:

H8/38537 Group is a group of single-chip microcontrollers made up of thehigh-speed H8/300H CPU with Renesas Electronics original architecture and theperipheral functions to realize low-power consumption systems. The H8/300H CPUhas an instruction set that is upper compatible with the H8/300 CPU.
Each MCU of this group integares various timers, serial communicationinterfaces, A/D converters, PWM and LCD (lyquid crystal display)driver/controller. 9 operation modes including 8 power down modes are availableto effective power management. Especillay the module standby mode to turnon/off each on-chip function make the system further low power.

Key Features:

  • On-chip LCD controller/ driver(total 128seg or 32seg x 4com)
  • Maximum 60KROM
  • Low power consumption and low voltage operation
  • Three channels of Serial communication interface

Key Applications:

General battery powered devices

Product Lineup:


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