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Product Overview:

Within the H8/300H Series, the H8/38524 Group comprises single-chipmicrocomputers equipped with a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) controller/driver.Other on-chip peripheral functions include six timers, a two-channel 10-bitpulse width modulator (PWM), a serial communication interface, and an A/Dconverter. Together, these functions make the H8/38524 Group ideally suites forembedded applications in systems requiring low power consumption and LCDdisplay.

Key Features:

  • On-chip flash memory
  • 16-bit asynchronous counter(with PWM function)
  • On-board debugging function
  • Small package(7mm square)
  • LCD controller/ driver


Key Applications:

White goods, portable communication devices, healthcare goods.

Product Lineup:


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