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RZ Family


The RZ/A1 is capable of displaying WXGA (1280 x 768 pixels) images without external SDRAM. The RZ/T1 is the first to balance 600 MHz high-speed real-time processing and industrial Ethernet communications. An ecosystem that combines Renesas and ARM partners provides support for speedy prototype development and helps to drastically reduce development costs.

RZ/A next generation HMI solution

Whats New

22 Dec 2014

18 Nov 2014

24 Sep 2014

RZ Design Support content for RZ/A1H, RZ/A1M, RZ/A1L are released.



Connectivity LCD Motor Control General Purpose


Features of the RZ Family

The RZ is a new family of embedded processors that retains the ease-of-use of Renesas microprocessors (MPUs) while combining Renesas' proprietary technologies with the ARM® ecosystem, fusing control and information technology (IT) to provide the solutions necessary for the smart society of the future.



RZ Family Roadmap


All aspects of everyday life, such as home appliances, industrial equipment, building management, power grid, and transportation, are becoming more technologically advanced, and the emergence of a smart society interconnected through the cloud is nigh. To meet the demands of this smart society, microprocessors are required to have IT networking capability, human machine interface display capability, faster data processing capability, and so on in addition to providing high performance and power saving control for devices. It was in this environment that the RZ Family was developed to assist in the realization of a smart society.

The ARM Ecosystem


Optimal solutions that fuse Renesas' experience and the global ecosystem of ARM partners are offered to users.

The ARM Ecosystem

Software & Tools


CPU board mounted with the RZ/A1H (ARM Cortex®-A9core, 400 MHz operation, 324-pin BGA) and an optional board for peripheral IP evaluation are available.

RSK (Renesas Starter Kit)


GENMAI optional board



The third products in the RZ Family. RZ/G series is high functionality processor and supported OpenOS, 3D graphics and Full HD video codec.



The first products in the RZ Family. These high-speed, high-performance processors have large-capacity on-chip RAM that makes WXGA size display possible without external SDRAM, and support faster device control, digital audio signal processing, and more.

RZ/A1H | RZ/A1M | RZ/A1LU | RZ/A1L | TES Guiliani


The second products in the RZ Family. These high-end controllers leverage tightly-coupled memory to achieve high speed and high responsivity, and also support multi-protocol industrial Ethernet communications.


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