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Overview of the RX63T Group

The RX63T Group has an expanded pin package lineup and memory lineup, features enhanced safety functions over the RX62T Group, and is also equipped with a max. 312.5 psec high-resolution PWM output function and a digital power management controller (DPC).

The combination of this high-resolution PWM output and the high CPU performance of the RX core allows more precise inverter/converter control, enabling highly efficient power management for digital power control applications such as server power supplies and general-purpose power supply systems.

In addition, the digital power management controller makes post-mounting tuning of a power supply IC by the user unnecessary, saving time and resources. Because this is a hardware function, together with the high CPU performance of the RX core this makes it possible to perform DCDC power control at the same time as the main processing (such as motor/inverter control).

Like the RX62T Group, the high performance (max. 100 MHz) of this microcontroller makes it ideal for motor control. On-chip functions include multifunction timers (MTU3 and GPT) that facilitate motor control, a high-speed 12-bit A/D converter, and a 10-bit A/D converter.

Other on-chip functions such as a variety of safety features for supporting the IEC 60730 safety standard for home appliances, a data operation circuit for checking the RAM, and a clock frequency accuracy measurement circuit for checking that the clock frequency is within a set range makes more advanced fail-safe design easy.

In addition to use as a general-purpose microcontroller, the RX63T Group can also be used in particular for single motor control for consumer electronics such as washing machines and refrigerators, and compact motors for industrial equipment.

In terms of on-chip memory, in addition to max. 512 KB flash and 48 KB RAM, up to 32 KB flash for data storage is built-in. Packages from 48 to 144 pins are available.

A/D converter, Amplifier, Comparator:

  • RX63T has three high-speed A/D modules (12-bit A/Dx2units, 10-bit A/Dx1unit) and max.28ch A/D conversions in total are possible. Each conversion time is 1μs.
  • 3ch of simultaneous sampling is enabled only by one 12-bit A/D module.*1
  • 7ch of simultaneous sampling is enabled by two 12-bit A/D modules and one 10-bit A/D module.
  • The continuous A/D conversion is simplified by the double data register newly installed in 12-bitA/D module.
  • RX63T has 6ch of programmable gain amplifiers.*2
    • Each gain can be set independently.
  • RX63T has 6ch of analog comparators for 12-bit A/D inputs.
    • Each comparator has 3 detection modes; "Higher than the reference voltage (CVREFH)", "Lower than the reference voltage (CVREFL)" and "Window" ("Higher than CVREFH" and "Lower than CVREFL").
    • The reference voltage of comparator is selectable from the external source and the internal source.
    • Each comparator has 2 input modes; "After the programmable gain amplifier" and " Before the programmable gain amplifier" .
    • The result of comparison can control timer GPT.
      Control contents: Counter Start /Stop /Clear, PWM control


  • RX63T has 16-bit timer x max.20ch; MTU3 (100MHz operation,8ch), GPT(100MHz operation, 4ch), and CMT (4ch).
  • RX63T has 3ch of three-phase complementary PWM (MTU3x2ch, GPTx1ch) for controlling 3 motors.
  • MTU3 supports complementary PWM for which the load of software is less than MTU2.
  • GPT can independently control max.8ch of single phase inverter with the complementary PWM.
  • GPT can independently control the right and the left dead-time of complementary PWM.


  • 5V single power*3 and 3.3V single power*4 lineup. For the 3.3V products, analog power 5V supply setting is also available*5.
  • Lineup with CAN *3 and without CAN.
  • Lineup of USB 2.0 Host/Function Module*6
  • Lineup of D/A Converter.*3
  • Lineup of External bus extension.*3
  • Lineup of 0.5mm and 0.65mm pitch PKG.
  • Memory-protection unit (MPU) is built in for all products.
    *1: R5F563TxxxFL, R5F563TxxxFM: 3ch of simultaneous sampling is enabled.
    *2 R5F563TxxxFL, R5F563TxxxFM: Not supported.
    *3: R5F563TxxxFL, R5F563TxxxFM: Not supported.
    *4: R5F563TxxxFL, R5F563TxxxFM:5-V Tolerant is supported.
    *5: R5F563TxxxFL, R5F563TxxxFM: Not supported.
    *6: R5F563TxxxFA, R5F563TxxxFB:Supported.

Memory vs. Package Lineup

Memory vs. Package Lineup

RX63T Group Block Diagram

RX63T Group Block Diagram

RX63T Group Specifications

Item RX63T Group
  • General registers: 32-bit x 16
  • Multiplier: 32-bit multiplier
  • Divider: Yes
  • Multiply-accumulator: Yes (two types: memory-to-memory operations and register-to-register operations)
Maximum operating frequency 100MHz
Power supply voltage 64-pin and under: 2.7 to 3.6V
100-pin and over: 2.7 to 3.6V, 4.0 to 5.5V
Floating-point processing unit Single-precision floating-point processing unit
(Supports add /subtract /compare /multiply /divide and other instructions)
Flash ROM
(for program storage)
Max. 512KB
Flash ROM (for data storage) Max. 32KB
RAM Max. 48KB
On-chip peripheral functions
On-chip debugging function Yes (with trace function)
Low power consumption modes 4 modes
  • Sleep mode
  • All-module clock stop mode
  • Software standby mode
  • Deep software standby mode
Packages PLQP0048KB-A (48-pin LFQFP, 7 x 7mm, 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0064KB-A (64-pin LFQFP, 10 x 10mm, 0.5mm pitch)
PLQP0100KB-A (100-pin LFQFP, 14 x 14 mm, 0.5 pitch)
PLQP0112JA-A (112-pin LQFP, 20 x 20 mm, 0.65 pitch)
PLQP0120KA-A (120-pin LFQFP, 16 x 16 mm, 0.5 pitch)
PLQP0144KA-A (144-pin LFQFP, 20 x 20 mm, 0.5 pitch)


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