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Product Overview:

Low power consumption, standard LCD microcontrollers suitable for LCD display of home appliances or measurement devices

RL78/L13 microcontrollers have a built-in segment LCD driver. Three LCD driving voltage generation methods (external resistance division, capacitive split, and internal voltage boost) are supported, corresponding to a variety of segment LCD panels. They realize low current consumption (*1): external resistance division: 1.61 μA (*2), and internal voltage boost: 1.42 μA, and capacitive split: 0.77 µA. With a lineup of 64/80-pin products supporting up to 376 segments, these microcontrollers are perfect for devices with built-in LCD panels such as home appliances and healthcare devices.

*1) Current (typ.) at 1/3 bias, subclock operation, HALT mode, and RTC operation
*2) Registance value for external registance division = 1000 kΩ

Key Applications:

  • Sensors or measuring instruments for consumer and industry use (Thermostat, Data logger etc.)
  • Healthcare (Blood pressure monitor, Body composition analyzer, Electric pedometer etc.)
  • Home appliances (IH rice cooker, Microwave oven etc.)
  • Small appliances (LCD remote controller, Water heater etc.)

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:


Block Diagram:

Block Diagram image

Key Features:

Pin count 64-pin 80-pin
Memory Flash ROM 16 to 128 KB
Data Flash 4 KB
RAM 1 to 8 KB
RL78 CPU Core
Operating Frequency
24 MHz (max.)
Crystal / Ceramic
1 to 20 MHz (VDD=2.7 to 5.5 V), 1 to 8 MHz (VDD=1.8 to 2.7 V),
1 to 4 MHz (VDD=1.6 to 1.8 V)
subsystem clock 32.768 kHz (VDD=1.6 to 5.5V)
High Speed OCO 24 MHz +-1 %
Low Speed OCO 15 kHz +-15 %
PLL Built-in
I / O 49 65
Timer TAU(16-bit timer) 8 ch (with 1 ch remote control output function) (timer outputs: 8, PWM output 7 ch)
KB20(16-bit timer) 1 ch (PWM outputs: 2)
12-bit timer Interval timer x 1 ch (15 kHz/32.768 kHz)
High accuracy real-
time clock
1 ch
RTC output 1
8/10-bit A/D Convertor 9 ch 12 ch
Comparators 2 ch
CSI / UART / Simplified I2C CSI: 2 ch , UART: 3 ch, LIN: 1 ch
Simplified I2C: 1 ch (max)
CSI: 2 ch , UART: 4 ch, LIN: 1 ch
Simplified I2C: 2 ch (max)
I2C (Multi-master) 1
Interrupt 11 (external) / 32 (internal) 11 (external) / 35 (internal)
LCD Internal voltage boosting method, capacitor split method, and external resistance division
method are switchable
Segment signal output 36(32) 51(47)
Common signal output 4(8)
Multiplier and divider /
multiply-accumulator circuit
Other peripheral functions LVD, POR, Key return, Clock output/buzzer function
Safety function WDT, TRAP instruction, Flash memory CRC operation, RAM parity error detection, Illegal
memory access, Frequency detection, RAM guard, SFR guard, A/D test

Product Lineup:


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