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Capacitive Touch MCUs


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Capacitive Touch Sensor System

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Best-in-Class Solutions for Capacitive Touch Applications

Intuitive Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) have become a major embedded system design trend, a feature critical for success in numerous markets. The Capacitive Touch Sensing technology has helped the rapid growth of this trend by making them more versatile, reliable, cost-effective and above all improves the aesthetics.

Applying extensive resources and experience as a global microcontroller leader, Renesas has helped accelerate the application of capacitive touch technology by offering the R8C/3xT microcontrollers (MCUs). This MCU family combines a dedicated Touch Sensor Control unit (SCU/TSCU) with the high performance 16-bit R8C CPU core to deliver Touch Key solutions that are compact, cost less and consume less power.

Key features of the R8C/3xT MCU product line includes the following:

  • Single chip solution for both capacitive touch interface operation and system control tasks
  • 20MHz 16-bit R8C CPU for fast application and control execution
  • Hardware-assisted touch control function that uses only 15% of CPU bandwidth
  • Low-power touch detection technique that consumes <20μA (average) per channel
  • High integration to help decrease system cost and size
  • IEC-compliant noise performance
  • Optimized touch API with support for self-diagnostics (available as source code)


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