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S1 Series

Renesas Synergy S1 Series Microcontrollers

Renesas Synergy™ Microcontrollers S1 Series

Ultra-Low Power

Architected from the ground up to be power-efficient, Renesas Synergy S1 Series MCUs leverage an ultra-low power silicon process with a smart mix of analog and digital peripherals surrounding an efficient ARM® Cortex®-M0+ CPU core to enable long battery life in portable sensor and control applications.

Renesas Synergy S1 Series Microcontrollers
32-MHz ARM® Cortex®-M0+ CPU NVIC | SWD | MTB
Memory Analog Timing & Control HMI
Code Flash (128 KB)
Data Flash (4 KB)
SRAM (16 KB)
14-Bit A/D Converter
(18 ch.)
12-Bit D/A Converter
Low-Power Analog Comparator x2
Temperature Sensor
General PWM Timer
General PWM Timer
16-Bit x6
Asynchronous General Purpose Timer x2
Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit (31 ch.)
Connectivity System & Power Management Safety Security & Encryption
Serial Communications Interface x3
SPI x2
IIC x2
Data Transfer Controller
Event Link Controller
Low Power Modes
Multiple Clocks
Port Function Select
SRAM Parity Error Check
Flash Area Protection
ADC Diagnostics
Clock Frequency Accuracy Measurement Circuit
CRC Calculator
Data Operation Circuit
Port Output Enable for GPT
128-Bit Unique ID
AES (128/256)
Technology Differentiation


Synergy S1 Series Performance Graph
  • 130-nm low-power process
  • Operating temp. range: -40°C to 105°C
  • GPIO pins: up to 51
  • QFN: 40, 48, 64 pins
  • LQFP: 48, 64 pins
  • LGA: 36 pins

What Makes the S1 Series Stand Out

Low voltage operation down to 1.6 V with extremely low power operation modes and fast wake-up times of the CPU core and the analog/digital peripherals make S1 Series MCUs uniquely suited for battery-operated sensing and control applications. Hardware acceleration through peripherals helps optimize CPU bandwidth and lower power consumption giving more flexibility to manage events and data transfers. This series includes security functions such as a true random number generator and AES cryptography, safety self-test functions, a capacitive touch interface, and a real-time clock. Reliable and trusted portable applications are a must for IoT applications and the S1 Series MCUs enable just that.


Typical End Applications

Data capture and environment sensing such as smoke, carbon monoxide, chemical/gas, pressure, humidity, light; small kitchen appliances; portable/hand-held products such as Point Of Sale terminals, scanners, activity monitors, and fitness trackers.


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