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Intelligent Power Devices


Intelligent Power Devices have built-in peripheral functions and protection functions. Intelligent power devices support system reliability improvement and unit down-sizing.Driver product such as high side driver with short circuit protection, diagnostic functions including analog current feedback and gate driver, low side driver with over temperature protection, thermal FET with thermal protection and pin compatible with power MOSFET and, motor driver with built-in H-bridge structure, are available. MOSFET gate driver products with built-in peripheral functions for motor applications are also available.

IPD Thermal shutdown FET Thermal shutdown FET Motor driver High side driver High side driver Thermal shutdown FET High side driver Thermal shutdown FET High side driver High side driver Low side driver MOSFET driver

Product lineup

High side driver/Low side driver

Single/dual/quad high side output with optimized protection function and analog current feedback for body/ lighting/heater applications. Single high side driver for transmission solenoid switching. Low side driver for relay/bulb switching.

Thermal FET

Pin compatible with standard power MOSFET package and built-in over temperature protection function for body/lighting/heater applications as well, as powertrain applications and 24V battery system applications.

Motor driver

Built-in H-Bridge structure in 1 package by multi-chip-package technology for motor applications with lock current less than 30A. Built-in short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and supports unit down sizing.

MOSFET driver

MOSFET gate driver for 3-phase motor application.Built-in detection/protection functions and suitable for inverter driver application such as EGR,HVAC,and EPS.Line-up of products with LDO for MCU, 24V battery system capability, built-in current sense amplifier, and motor angle detection function. The product line-up supports unit down-sizing and high performance.

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