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Renesas Electronics Europe and TES Deliver TES Guiliani-LITE prepaid HMI production package for the RZ/A Series

Düsseldorf, February 24, 2016 — Renesas Electronics, Europe, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, and TES Electronic Solutions ("TES"), a leading full-spectrum Electronics Design Services Company and Technology Supplier, today announced the availability of the TES Guiliani-LITE prepaid HMI production package for Renesas' RZ/A Series of embedded microprocessors (MPUs).

In addition to high computational performance of 1000 DMIPS, the RZ/A Series from Renesas offer the optimal feature set for medium-range HMIs, such as those found in the white goods arena, in industrial and medical terminals as well as countless security applications. In these applications, RZ/A MPUs optimise HMI performance and system cost with differentiated features like one of the world's biggest embedded SRAMs of 10MB, a 5x AXI bus, an integrated OpenVG1.1 2D graphics engine and a dedicated LCD controller that drives up to two WXGA screens concurrently.

The RZ/A Series of MPUs provides MPU level performance with the same easy design environment as microcontrollers (MCUs). The typical design process starts with the selection of a specific MPU, the operating system (OS), the integrated development environment (IDE) and a graphical user interface (GUI) framework, which together form a complete HMI system solution. While the evaluation and development software packages of the required software components and tools usually come free of charge to developers, significant costs can arise in production.

Renesas Electronics now simplifies HMI by offering a complete, prepaid HMI system solution for RZ/A series devices. This offer specifically applies to the TES Guiliani-LITE production package for RZ/A MPUs, FreeRTOS V8.2.3 and e2studio V4.2.0 with compiler gcc GNUARM-none V15.0. The package and production license can be obtained via the link:

The prepaid Guiliani-LITE HMI production package is available for free commercial use in production. The "lite" version can easily be upgraded to the "full" version of the Guiliani Software package.

TES Guiliani ( is a C++ HMI framework designed to meet today's user expectations for smartphone-like HMIs on highly cost-driven embedded systems. Being OS- and CPU-agnostic and without requiring an expensive hardware GPU, it covers a wide range of cost efficient MCUs and MPUs and is an ideal fit with Renesas' RX MCUs, RZ/A embedded MPUs and RZ/G high-end industrial MPUs. Guiliani is delivered with a customizable and extendable set of modern widgets and features like wheels, gauges, animations, transition effects, multi-language support and skinning. By default, applying modern graphics processing features - like sub-pixel accurate rendering, anti-aliasing, scaling, filtering and blending in combination with smart redraw and caching mechanisms - provides an eye-catching and high-performance visual experience. Guiliani's PC drag and drop editor and simulator support rapid HMI design and prototyping, resulting in fast development cycles.

Mohammed Dogar, Senior Manager MCU/MPU Solution Marketing, Industrial & Communications Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Europe, mentions that: "TES' Guiliani GUI framework helps to implement a quasi 3D user experience on a 2D HMI and brings a smartphone feeling to countless industrial applications."

Thomas Hase, Senior Business Development Manager at TES, said: "By providing a complete, ready-to-run HMI system solution - consisting of the RZ/A Series devices, FreeRTOS, e2studio IDE and our Guiliani-LITE HMI framework - Renesas' offer generates significant value on the HMI vendor side, as no other license fees or royalties need to be paid by the licensee."

Availability of the prepaid production license is expected to start in April 2016.

About TES Electronic Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions ("TES", is a leading full-spectrum Electronics Design Services Company and Technology Supplier with headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany.
We serve markets like e.g. Automotive, Avionics, Semiconductor, Industrial, White Goods and Professional Audio and provide services from full turn-key product development with supply chain and life cycle management to expert consultancy according to customers' requirements.
TES operates 10 design centers worldwide, 7 of which are in Germany, one in the UK, Serbia and India.
We provide Hardware-, Embedded Software-, Mixed-signal & RF ASIC- and FPGA Design services on system-, sub-system or chip level to our broad global customer base.
Our focus areas include embedded system developments, HMI and graphics applications, professional multimedia systems and wireless solutions. Furthermore, TES is a well-known and leading supplier of intellectual property (IP) and expert services in embedded graphics and HMI technologies.

About Renesas Electronics Europe

Renesas Electronics Europe, with its business operations centre located in Dusseldorf, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723). As the world’s number one supplier of microcontrollers and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, Renesas enables “Big Ideas for Every Space” by providing complete solutions that integrate microcontrollers and microprocessors, SoC, ASIC, analog & power devices and software. Renesas was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Japan. With over 800 hardware and software alliance partners worldwide, it has the industry’s largest local support network. Renesas Electronics’ European structure is comprised of two business groups – automotive and industrial – as well as the global ADAS solution group and the engineering group.

Further information about Renesas Electronics Europe is available at
Renesas Electronics Europe is also on social media at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube

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