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Renesas Electronics Announces High-Performance, High-Function Systems-on-Chip (SoC) for High-End Automotive Display Systems

Product Specifications of the SH7769 SoC

Function SH7769 Specification
Part number R8A77690JBG
Power-supply voltage 1.275 V (internal) / 3.3 V, 1.8 V, 1.5 V (external)
Operating frequency 533 MHz / 400 MHz
Performance 959 MIPS, 3.7 GFLOPS (@533 MHz)
CPU core SH-4A core
On-chip RAM ILRAM: 16 Kb + OLRAM: 16 Kb
Cache memory 32 Kb instruction / 32 Kb data isolation × 2, 4-way associative, cache coherency support
External memory DDR-I/F: DDR3-SDRAM (DDR1067/800) 16-bit bus (max. 1067 M word/sec)
Local bus: 32-bit bus (67/50 MHz). SRAM and ROM are directly accessible
Local bus Address space: 64 Mb × 3
Major on-chip peripherals 3D graphic engine SGX530 (OpenGLES 2.0)
Display unit × 2-system output (RGB888 + LVDS output)
LVDS interface (TIA/EIA-644-compliant, 4 pairs)
Dynamic range compression of resolution
Video input interface × 2 ch
Analog composite video input × 1 ch
Display out compare unit × 2 ch
Distortion compensation unit (IMR-X) × 1 ch
VIN/VDEC linked distortion compensation unit (IMR-LSX) × 1 ch
SD host interface × 2 ch
MMC interface × 1 ch
USB 2.0 host (× 2 ch), function (× 1 ch, common channel with the host) interface
Dedicated DMAC × 35 ch
Controller area network (CAN) interface × 2 ch
Media local bus (MLB) interface × 1 ch
Sound interface × 3 ch
Serial communication interface (SCIF) × 3 ch
I2C bus interface × 1 ch
Serial peripheral interface (HSPI) × 2 ch
PWM timer × 4 ch
Watchdog timer × 1 ch
Timer × 9 ch
Interrupt controller (INTC)
Clock oscillator (CPG): on-chip PLL
On-chip debugging function
Temperature sensor
Low-power consumption modes Sleep mode
Module standby (Clock halt in each module)
DDR-SDRAM power-supply backup mode
Package 496-pin BGA (21 mm × 21 mm, 0.8-mm pitch)

The content in the press release, including, but not limited to, product prices and specifications, is based on the information as of the date indicated on the document, but may be subject to change without prior notice.

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