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RX220 Family Motor Control Reference Platforms


RX220 Motor Control Reference Platform | Part-name: YROTATE-IT-RX220


RX200 Series

Motor Auto Tuning:

RX220 MCU running at 32MHz enables medium system response of the vector controlled algorithm. The Field Oriented Algorithm enables to control the motor speed, torque in a sensorless techniques in any load conditions. Furthermore, the RX220 MCUs are able to control a single 3-phase Permanent Magnet motor and fully manage a complex equipment. Finally, the PC GUI & embedded software enable the auto-tuning of PI current coefficient & automatic motor parameters identification.


Memory Footprint 24 KB Flash / 3 KB RAM
PWM Frequency 16 kHz
Control loop Frequency 8 kHz
CPU time available 45%
Auto-tuning PI current Enable by default
Motor calibration Enable by default
Flux weakening algorithm Enable by default
Voltage bus monitoring Enable by default
Fail-safe mechanism Enable by default

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